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Welcome to Nakia Amour®
Welcome to Nakia Amour® where our goal is to unlock your natural beauty through education, inspiration and proper hair care.  Transitioning from chemical treated hair to natural has its challenges, but it's not impossible.
Nakia Amour Smith-Dedner knows this first hand and will give you the tools needed for a successful journey.  Whether you're attempting to transition or maintain your natural tresses we can provide assistance on any level.  We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust by delivering the best hair care advice in the industry.  To learn more about Nakia Amour check out our social media pages below or call for a consultation today!
Nakia Amour does not offer medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. We offer quality advice to make your natural hair experience enjoyable.
Please review disclaimer.
For more information concerning Nakia Amour products, transitioning, natural hair care or workshops please email nakia@naturalkinkyandcurly.com.   Also check us out on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook  for updates. 

Nakia Amour, Nakia Amour Natural Hair Care LLC, and the stylized logo are registered trademarks of Nakia Amour Natural Hair Care LLC.